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Things I don’t love: E.L.F. all over cover/colour stick

I purchased these ‘all over cover/colour sticks’ from E.L.F. because I was really interested in trying a cream highlight and I figured… why not try a foundation stick while I’m at it?  The answer to that question, unfortunately, is that these just aren’t very good, that’s why not.

I love E.L.F. so this is in no way a brand bashing.  E.L.F. makes some of my holy grail products, but these just aren’t my thing.

E.L.F. All Over Cover Sticks - Ivory, Persimmon, and Spotlight.

E.L.F. All Over Cover/Colour Sticks – Ivory, Persimmon, and Spotlight.

For those of you who want the quick lowdown on these products there are a few issues:

  • they are very thick and slick in texture
  • the formula is greasy
  • they are extremely difficulty to blend
  • they feel tacky when applied and they stay tacky
  • if you put them on before applying your powder they will CAKE UP on the skin big time!

One pro is the smell – these smell like oranges to me.  I don’t own any cosmetics with a similar scent and it is lovely.

So lets talk about these three in a bit more detail.

Swatches: Ivory, Persimmon, Spotlight

Swatches: Ivory, Persimmon, Spotlight

I own Ivory from the ‘all over cover stick’ range.  You can see from the swatch of Ivory that this is extremely thick and greasy and the colour is also way too yellow for my skin.  I was expecting it to be a foundation stick but it is more like concealer.  I can’t imagine using this all over the face!  To be honest, I just could not make this work at all.  When I try to blend this stick out it catches on every little textured part of the skin and as my skin is a very annoying combination of very dry spots surrounded by quite oily areas I single handedly made this product look horrendous.

swatches blended out slightly: Ivory, Persimmon, Spotlight

Swatches blended out slightly: Ivory, Persimmon, Spotlight.

I have two colours from the ‘all over colour sticks’ – Persimmon and Spotlight.  I consider these to be highlighter sticks and I think these colours are really beautiful, so much so that when I swatch these I always feel like there must be a way to make them work but I just can’t get these to blend out on my cheeks in a way that would be wearable.  When I try to work with these highlighters on the face they just stay so metallic and so pigmented and because the formula is so thick and greasy… they just don’t blend.  The times where I have really persisted with attempting to blend them out I have ended up lifting all the foundation underneath and then if you powder over them – eek!  So cakey.

These sticks weren’t expensive so they have not been a real loss and I have so many E.L.F. products that I just love that I think it has to be expected that there will be some products in their vast range that just won’t work for me personally.

If you have found a way to make these work I would love to hear you advice.

I hope you have a fantastic day.

Freedom Matte bronzer

Freedom Makeup London: Matte Bronzer – Shade 110

I received this bronzer from Freedom as part of a free gift when the company first launched.  It has simple packaging and a very beautiful swirl pattern imprinted into the product.  I was impressed with the size and colour, but, as I had so many other bronzers ‘on the go’ I decided to put it aside rather than opening another new product into my already ridiculously large makeup collection.

This attitude lasted for a good couple of months or so before my nagging sense of curiosity convinced me that really, there was no reason to wait to open this product.

“Its a bronzer Megan, not a mascara… it isn’t going to dry out, (I said to myself),  just open it and try it out!”

So, two weeks later and I have been using this every day and I am pleased to report that I really am enjoying this product.  The powder is finely milled and although the colour looked quite deep in the pan, (and I worried it might be a bit orange), I actually think the tone is more neutral and it works really nicely on my skin.

matte bronzer swatches

Matte Bronzer: A heavy swatch on the bottom and then a blended swatch above.

Freedom states that this matte bronzer ‘shade 110’ compliments all skin tones.  I just can’t help but think that those kinds of assertions are a bit ridiculous.  I am pretty pale and you can see that this bronzer actually provides a good depth of colour for me without being too muddy.  If I had a skin tone with more depth of colour I can imagine that this would quickly become too light.  I am hoping the fact that this bronzer has an allocated shade number may mean that they intend to add other colours to the range.  We can hope!

The other point I want to mention is that I feel like this bronzer has a bit of glow too it.  I don’t mean glitter – there is certainly no glitter.  But I feel like it has a bit of dimension to it, certainly more so than other matte bronzers in my collection.  I actually think that is a good thing though – sometimes when bronzers are matte they get a bit tricky to blend nicely, but this one from Freedom blends like a dream.

Close up of swatches.

Here you can see more of a close-up of the swatches. The colour looks quite dark on the inside of my arm, but on the face it works well.  If feel like you can see the ‘glow’ of the product in this image too!

This bronzer hasn’t been tested on animals, and at GBP2 (about Au$4) it is nicely priced.  I would certainly buy this bronzer again in the future and have very much appreciated getting it as part of a ‘free-gift with purchase’ deal.

Now that summer is well and truly on its way, I am happy to embrace any product that will help me to  look like a bronzed beauty  (as I huddle in the air conditioning… desperate to escape the terrible heat.  It was 29 degrees celsius at 8am this morning!)

Anyway.  I digress 🙂

If you are interested in having a look at the Freedom range for yourself, you can find it here.

Have a great day!



Makeup Revolution: New-trals vs Neutrals

Makeup Revolution: New-trals vs Neutrals

New-trals vs Neutrals: the top row is warm corals and burn reds, the bottom row is soft mauves and taupes.

New-trals vs Neutrals: the top row is warm corals and burnt reds, the bottom row is soft mauves and taupes.

I fell in love with this palette when it was released for the UK’s autumn.  I love warm colours on my skin and have recently become obsessed with coral shadows, so this was right up my alley.  I couldn’t justify the cost of postage to immediately impulse buy it immediately when it was released but as I was buying some cosmetics as christmas gifts I found an excuse to put it in my basket 🙂  I am in love.

The case has a matte cover, good quality mirror and a very useful duel-ended brush.

The case has a matte cover, good quality mirror and a very useful duel-ended brush.

This palette is presented in the same way as the Iconic Pro 1 & 2 with a matte lid and duel-ended brush.  The shadows are presented in square pans (which I really like for some reason) and there is a mix of mattes, satins, glitter and shimmery shade formulas.  I love the variety here and the shadow quality is excellent overall.

New-Trals vs Neutral palette

New-Trals vs Neutral palette

I have seen some of the shades of this palette compared as duplicates to the Lime Crime Venus Eyeshadow Palette.  I don’t own that palette to do a comparison for you here, but I can certainly see similarities from the pictures online.

I actually love the way that the two rows of this palette are so different.  The two rows have a very different feel and if I was going to categorise them seasonally I would say the top row is quite autumnal and the bottom is more wintery with its berry type tones.  Living in North Queensland where the seasons are basically ‘hot, hotter and hottest’ I find myself dreaming about the idea of having proper seasons but as that doesn’t exit for me here, I will be rocking these colours regardless of the time of year!

So lets talk about the shadows.  In the top row neutral, trend and tone are matte shades.  Custom is a matte base with micro-glitters but I find that these glitters are extremely small and very finely milled.  Bias, personal, vogue and new-tral are satin shades.  The formula of the satin shades is just stunning and probably my favourite formula in this palette.  Bias is a very pretty highlight shade, but I was disappointed by the pigmentation.  I find you really have to built this one to use it on the lid, but it is lovely for the inner corner.

swatches: top row, left to right

swatches: top row, left to right – bias, neutral, personal, vogue, trend, new-tral, tone, custom.


New-Trals vs Neutrals shade names


swatches: bottom row, left to right – cool, style, partial, mode, adapt, buff, suit, strong.

In the second row cool and adapt are matte.  I am glad to have a cream matte to highlight the brow area and adopt is great to darken up the crease.  Buff and suit are satins in mauve/taupe tones.  Strong has a blackened base and is packed with dark purple/maroon micro-glitters.  This is very glam and I can imagine this would be beautiful for holiday parties.  This brings us to style, partial and mode which are the three shimmer shades which are quite metallic.  These aren’t the most finely milled shimmers.  Styles in particular is a little bit flakey so you might need to kind of layer it on, but these look beautiful on the lid, particularly if you use a little bit of fixing spray during application.

I really don’t have a bad thing to say about New-trals vs Neutrals.  I love the colour palette, I love the quality of the shadows: it is just overall a really great buy and so unique compared to other palettes in my collection.

If you are interested in this one, you can find it here on the Makeup Revolution website for about AU$14.

Have a glorious day!!

E.L.F pressed mineral blush & bronzer

E.L.F. Pressed Mineral Blush & Bronzer

E.L.F pressed mineral blush & bronzer

E.L.F pressed mineral blush & bronzer

I really do LOVE the E.L.F pressed mineral blushes and bronzer (highlighter) that I own.  These are quite expensive for E.L.F. (I paid about AU$5 each) but they are very much worth the money.  While the powders feel quite high-end, the packaging is super light plastic.  These powders are extremely soft, to the point where you need to be very gentle when you tap your brush into these otherwise they will kick up a lot of powder and you will end up with so much product on your brush.  These are also very pigmented so you really do only need a small amount of powder to get a great flush of colour on your cheek.

There are four blushes in this range and I own three.  There are also four bronzers in this range, but I only have the lightest shade which is almost more of a highlighter, but regardless of how you use it, it is beautiful.

From left to right: Wanderlust, Jet Setter, Sweet Retreat and Baked Peach.

From left to right: Wanderlust, Jet Setter, Sweet Retreat and Baked Peach.

While I would describe these blushes as matte, I feel like they have a glow about them on the skin (perhaps it is in my imagination?)  Wanderlust is a plum shade and it is the darkest blush in the range.  I wore this a lot in the winter months (ha – winter does NOT exist in North Queensland, but lets all just pretend that it gets cold enough to warrant winter seasonal colours).  Next is Jet Setter and this is a really beautiful rose-toned blush.  This is perfect for everyday wear and is just so pretty on fair skin.  Finally we have Sweet Retreat and this is a very soft, neutral pink.  Again, this is lovely for everyday wear and this is the one I have been reaching for as the weather is starting to warm up and I’m wanting lighter colours on my face.  The last colour in the range which I don’t own is called Cabo Cabana and it is a warm, coral shade.  It is beautiful but it is not a shade that I can access easily from Australia which is a bummer.

Baked Peach, Sweet Retreat, Jet Setter, Wanderlust

Baked Peach, Sweet Retreat, Jet Setter, Wanderlust

Swatches: Wanderlust, Jet Setter, Sweet Retreat, Baked Peach

Swatches: Wanderlust, Jet Setter, Sweet Retreat, Baked Peach

The other pressed mineral product that I have here is Baked Peach.  I think the name of this product is so lush… baked peach.  It just sounds delicious.  This is marketed as a bronzer and if you are super pale perhaps this would work to gently warm up your completion but it is too light for that purpose on my skin.  I didn’t buy it to bronze though as I had read it makes a lovely highlighter.  Baked Peach is a champagne colour and you can see from the swatch above it does have some gorgeous shimmer to it without being metallic.  I think it is really natural on the skin.  I love this colour for summer when I am just a little more tanned and lean towards bronzier makeup in general.  It is probably a bit too dark for me to wear as a highlighter…  But I wear it anyway…


This is the most powdery of the four pressed minerals that I own and I suspect that this is due to it containing some shimmer.  I would say as long as you work gently, gently with your brush in the pan, this won’t be a problem.  I haven’t tried the other bronzers in this range but I am interested to try them.  They are all matte and are called Tan Toffee, Beach Bronze and Caramel Cabana.  If you own these bronzers I’d love to hear what you think of them in the comments.

Overall, I think these mineral pressed powders blend really beautifully.  I love how they wear and I think these colours are so stunning.  If I had my time again I think I would choose either Wanderlust or Jet Setter as they are very similar colours but I wear them all so I don’t regret my purchase.  You can’t find these on elf Australia’s website so I purchased mine from iHerb.  Plus, iHerb is typically a cheaper place to buy E.L.F. products so it is worth checking their regardless 🙂

Have a fantastic day beautiful people!

ColourPop 2015 Autumn Collection – Individual Shades

This is my final blog post about the ColourPop 2015 Autumn collection and this time we are looking at shades that were released individually this season.

I picked colours that I thought I would love rather than just purchasing everything in the collection, but turns out there were quite a few colours I really wanted to try.  ColourPop is an extremely interesting texture which takes some experimentation when you first apply them.  I use a synthetic, dense, fluffy brush for buffing out matte shades in the crease and then I use my fingers to pat on colours on the lid.  I really enjoy these shadows and, as I have said in other reviews I’ve done on this brand, these LAST on my eyes despite humidity and heat.  Awesome.

So, lets have a look at the colours I purchased from this collection.



Supermodel: pearlized - swatch

Supermodel: pearlized – swatch

Supermodel is a really beautiful, soft golden/champagne colour.  Love at first sight!

I Spy

I Spy

I Spy: Matte - swatch

I Spy: Matte – swatch

I Spy is a matte shade and is a camel type colour.  ColourPop describe this as a soft, yellow peach… and I suppose it is, but this feels more brown toned to me.  Either way, I really enjoy this colour for warming up the crease.

Boy Band

Boy Band

Boy Band: Pearlized - swatch

Boy Band: Pearlized – swatch

Boy Band is such a wearable, chocolate colour.  The texture is so smooth and it is so pigmented.  I knew I would like this but actually, this really is a perfect colour.  I have worn it so often already!

Mixed Tape

Mixed Tape

Mixed Tape: Pearlized - swatch

Mixed Tape: Pearlized – swatch

Mixed Tape was a surprise gem.  I nearly didn’t pick this up because it is such a cool-toned grey and such colours don’t always suit me (because they can accentuate the black chasms that are my under-eye area!), but I’m glad that I didn’t follow my instincts this time.  This colour is beautiful.  It has a mauve undertone on my skin and it is so pretty.  It looks quite matte online, but it is shimmery goodness in person.

Party Time

Party Time

Party Time: matte - swatch

Party Time: matte – swatch

Party time is the perfect partner to Mixed Tape.  It is a dusty, mauve grey with a matte finish and it is really pigmented.  This is perfect for a smokey eye or for any cool-toned eye looks as a soft crease colour.  This does really lean mauve on my skin which is perfect.



Stereo: Metallic - swatch

Stereo: Metallic – swatch

I haven’t worn Stereo yet, but not because I don’t want to, its just that this is such a glamorous shadow… and I am yet to have an occasion to warrant it.  This shadow has a blackened burgundy base with lots of purple/pink glitter.  The picture of the pan online makes this look like a lighter tone than it is in person but the swatch is much truer to colour.

Central Perk

Central Perk

Central Perk: Matte - swatch

Central Perk: Matte – swatch

Lastly, for the super shock shadows we have Central Perk.  This is a rich, maroon matte.  I love this colour and have loved it so far to deepen up the outer corner in looks.  Pretty!  It is very similar to Hustle from the permanent range but it is a little more brown toned and Hustle is a little more purple toned.

Never Been Kissed: matte

Never Been Kissed: matte

The last product that I purchased from the Autumn collection is a matte blush called Never Been Kissed.  I love coral blush.  I just think that it gives such a nice, natural flush on my pale, freckled skin.  This blush from ColourPop doesn’t disappoint.

Never Been Kissed swatch

Never Been Kissed swatch

This blush is pigmented but I find that it blends well.  I hear people saying they apply these with their fingers but I find that really hard to do.  I use a small stipple brush and it works really nicely to blend out the colour.

I have really enjoyed all the releases from ColourPop for Autumn this year.  If you have purchased anything from the Autumn collection I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Have a great day!

ColourPop – Back to Cool: 2015 Autumn Lippie Stix Collection

I have fallen in love with the ColourPop lippie stix.  The pen style applicator makes putting on the product really easy and I particular like the formula of these lipsticks.  They wear really well, particularly the matte shades, which last an extremely long time, even when eating and drinking.

But I digress.

Lets talk about the 90’s inspired Back to Cool 2015 Autumn collection of lippie stix.

ColourPop Autumn Collections 2015

ColourPop Autumn Collections 2015

I purchased these lippie stix when ColourPop had a sale where all their Autumn collection products were 20% off.  For my colouring I find all these shades really wearable.  I know that this was designed for autumn but I am excited to wear some of these shades this spring and summer!  What I like about these sets is that they offer a nice range of shades and formulas.  My favourite formula is the matte formula as it wears so well and for so long.  They aren’t overly drying and the colour just stays put.  The creme formula is glossy, very moisturising and is silky soft to apply.  The colour doesn’t wear for as long, but that is normal for a creamy formula.  If you tend to buy a certain colour range of lipstick then perhaps this kind of kit isn’t for you, but I really like to try different colours and finishes so this is super fun for me.

Swatches from left to right: Chocker (creme), Mosh Pit (matte), Baewatch (matte), Out of Sync (matte), Too Sexy (satin), TGIF (matte).

Swatches from left to right: Choker (creme), Mosh Pit (matte), Baewatch (matte), Out of Sync (matte), Too Sexy (satin), TGIF (matte).

Choker is a creme formula and is a cool-toned nude.  This works well for me with my pale skin but I suspect that if you are more tan than I am this could be pale and perhaps not so wearable.  This is perfect for everyday wear.

Mosh Pit is a matte formula and is a mid-toned brown.  This looks very chocolately on my lips and I really like this with a neutral eye look.  So pretty and very 90’s!

Baewatch is a beautiful, dusty-rose colour in the tube but it looks more mauve coloured on my lips.  I love this colour; it feels very sophisticated to me and is a classic feminine colour in my mind.

Now for something that is a bit of a bug bear.

Baewatch is in the same colour family as another lippie stix called Lumiere which I also own.  I would say that Baewatch is a shade deeper but on the lips I think it gives the same look.  If you compare the lip swatches on the ColourPop website these two shades look much more different than they do when I swatch them.  I would use these two interchangeably.  If you already own Lumiere it is not worth owning both.

comparison swatches from left to right: Out of Sync (Back to Cool), I Heart This (permanent collection, Baewatch (Back to Cool), Lumiere (Kathleen Lights collaboration).

comparison swatches from left to right: Out of Sync (Back to Cool), I Heart This (permanent collection), Baewatch (Back to Cool), Lumiere (Kathleen Lights collaboration).

Next up is Out of Sync which is also a matte finish and is a very bright fuchsia colour.  I love this one for summer and can’t wait to wear it.  BUT, again, this is a very similar colour in the permanent collection called I Heart This (that I also own – grrrr!) but I would say that Out of Sync leans more pink and I Heart This leans slightly more red.  Again, if you already own I Heart This, you don’t need both, but none-the-less this is a stunning colour.

Then we have Too Sexy.  Now, this one is SOOOOO interesting.  On the packaging this is described as a satin formula but on the website they call it a matte finish.  It certainly feels matte to me so I would say that is the truer description but this doesn’t look matte as it has a stunning sheen to it.   The swatch does not even begin to do this lipstick justice.  I would describe this as a duo chrome shade with a violet base and blue duo chrome flash.  It is lush.  Totally a ‘going out shade’ for me, but what a dramatic lipstick for a special night our during the holiday season!  This is my favourite colour in the set.

Lastly, we have TGIF lippie stix which is also a matte finish and is a brick red colour.  I thought this might be too dark for my skin tone but actually it isn’t as dark on my lips as it looks in the tube which is evident in the swatch below.  I like this with a warm eye look.  It is surprisingly beautiful.

Back to Cool (top to bottom): TGIF, Too Sexy, Out of Sync, Baewatch, Mosh Pit, Chocker.

Back to Cool (top to bottom): TGIF, Too Sexy, Out of Sync, Baewatch, Mosh Pit, Choker.

Back to Cool is a well balanced collection in my opinion.  My only criticism is the fact that there are two colours in this set that are dupes of other lippie stix in the ColourPop range, and beautiful as they are, I don’t want to own two sets of the same colour.  If I had realised that there were colour duplicates in this set to lippie stix already in my own collection, I would not have purchased it.

If you are interested in trying the ColourPop lippie stix or want to add to your collection I can certainly recommend this set and you can find it here.  I am enjoying these colours 🙂

Have a fantastic day!!

ColourPop: Forever Freshman – 2015 Autumn Collection of Super Shock Shadows

We are in a awkward situation in Australia if we are buying seasonal collections from international companies from the other side of the world – everything looks so tempting BUT our seasons don’t match up!  Consequently I’m going to be doing all kinds of reviews of new products from America and the UK and they are going to be autumnal and wintery shades… and it is like 1000 degrees here! But hey, everyone loves some ColourPop deliciousness, regardless of the seasonal appropriateness 🙂

ColourPop Autumn Collections 2015

ColourPop Autumn Collections 2015

Lets start with the packaging.  I purchased the Back to Cool (lippie stix) and Forever Freshman (super shock shadow) autumn collections and the boxes are glossy and beautiful.  I wish I could pull out the interior of these boxes so that I could reuse them for storage.  It is such a shame to bin them but everything inside is super-glued down tight!

But lets be real, you aren’t here for the packaging!  Lets look at the beautiful shades.

ColourPop 'Forever Freshman' 2015 Autumn shadow collection

ColourPop ‘Forever Freshman’ 2015 Autumn shadow collection

This set comes with six shadows in a range of finishes.  This collection is inspired by 90’s makeup trends – and as a child of the 90’s I’m all about that era.  The shade names are also very 90’s culture inspired.  Love it! These colours aren’t available individually and this set is limited edition.  Although we are coming to the end of the season, this is still available on ColourPop’s website for US$30.

Crimper - pearlized

Crimper – pearlized

‘Crimper’ is the first shadow in the set and is a soft, gold colour in a pearlized finish.  ‘Crimper’ is beautiful but the pearlized finish is more sheer other finishes in the range so you may need to build it on the lid if you want a dramatic, metallic look.

As If - matte

As If – matte

Next up is ‘As If’ which is a cool taupe and is in a matte finish.  I love this one for the crease.  It is such a nice, soft colour.

Melrose - matte

Melrose – matte

Third in the set is ‘Melrose’ which is a terracotta coloured matte.  I love this shade.  It is very pigmented and such a warm, rich colour.  It is divine and my favourite shadow from the Forever Freshman collection.

Koosh - ultra-metallic

Koosh – ultra-metallic

The fourth shadow is another favourite and it is called ‘koosh.’  I totally played kooshball as a kid and think this name is super cute.  ‘Koosh’ is an ultra-metalic finish and is creamy, smooth and super pigmented shadow in a silvery taupe colour.

90210 - satin luxe

90210 – satin luxe

‘90210’ is a very interesting shadow.  My photo hasn’t really captured the tone accurately, but it actually has quite a grey/taupe base with gold glitters.  The base is cool toned, the glitter is warm toned and together it is really unusual.  This is a satin luxe finish which is actually my least preferred finish from ColourPop but only because I feel like this finish has a matte base with glitters rather than just being metallic and shimmery which I prefer.

(Saying that, giving a preference for ColourPop shadow finishes is kind of like giving your preferred type of chocolate.  Obviously all chocolate is good but you still have favourites, right?)

Baby T - matte (although it doesn't look matte to me??)

Baby T – matte (although it doesn’t look matte to me??)

Lastly we have ‘Baby T’ which is described as a matte.  If this is a matte, then I have no idea what the term ‘matte’ means!  I would describe this as a pearlized shade.  This is a blackened-blue colour and is dramatic and regal.  I have worn this on the bottom lash line for work and it is beautiful!

I have really enjoyed this Forever Freshman set.  The quality of the shadows is excellent.  I enjoy ColourPop’s unique bouncy, creamy texture and am so impressed with how these wear.  They do not crease, they do not fade… and in the heat and humidity of a North Queensland Spring, that is a miracle at work!

Have a fantastic day!!

Makeup Revolution Pro Looks: Stripped & Bare (3 looks in 1 palette)

On the weekend I reviewed the Pro Looks – Big Love palette so I thought I would follow that up by reviewing the other palette that I own from this range called Stripped and Bare.  

Makeup Revolution Pro Looks Palette - Stripped & Bare

Makeup Revolution Pro Looks Palette – Stripped & Bare

I find this palette way more useful for everyday, firstly because the colours are a little softer and more neutral and secondly because the palette offers a mix of mattes and shimmers.  There are three matte colours that work well in the crease and then a cream and very light peachy colour that work well for blending out other shades and for highlighting the brow bone.

Stripped & Bare shadow names.

Stripped & Bare shadow names.

Again, the shadows are arranged in groups of five shades that are complementary.  I think that this palette is perfect for travel and generally really versatile, particularly because it comes with a big mirror.

Golden Third.

Golden Third.

Golden Third Swatches (top to bottom, left to right): Layers, Big Tip, Dignity, Whipped, Chain.

Golden Third Swatches (top to bottom, left to right): Layers, Big Tip, Dignity, Whipped, Chain.

The first third of the palette is light and soft with pinks and golden tones.  I love the matte pink in the crease and the highlight shade called Layers is a pigmented matte cream.  These colours are brightening and flattering to my pale skin.

Rosy Third.

Rosy Third.

Rosy Third Swatches (top to bottom, left to right): Strip Me, Let Loose, Get Loose, Naked Nights, Super Cool.

Rosy Third Swatches (top to bottom, left to right): Strip Me, Let Loose, Get Loose, Naked Nights, Super Cool.

The rosy third is extremely pretty and feminine in tone.  You can see from my photos that the taupe colour called Naked Nights (swatch 4) is really interesting; it looks quite grey in the picture of the pan but when swatched it looks much more mauve.  This is a beautiful shade.  Super Cool (swatch 5) is also quite dynamic with a very dark base and then heaps of pink and purple micro glitters.  The highlighter in this third is a really stunning satin shade.  (You will also find this shade in the Pro Looks Palette – Big Love).  These shades really complement each other well.

Bronzed and Blue Third.

Bronzed and Blue Third.

Bronzed and Blue Third Swatches (top to bottom, left to right): Dollar Bill, Desired, Stripped all Day, H.O.T., Bare 2

Bronzed and Blue Third Swatches (top to bottom, left to right): Dollar Bill, Desired, Stripped all Day, H.O.T., Bare 2

Lastly, we have the bronzed and blue-toned third of the palette.  The highlight shade is quite peachy and actually works well as a transition shade because it has gentle warmth.  The soft, brown matte is perfect in the crease and complements the other shades well.  Desired (swatch 2) and Bare 2 (swatch 5) both contain micro glitter.  I feel like the glitter doesn’t look like ‘too much’ if you use a brush to apply them but if you want that glitter to pop you will probably need a bit of a tacky base and to then apply them with your finger.  Even though they are glittery they are still smooth to the touch – no gritty eyeshadow here!

Overall, I really enjoy this palette.  I often pack it for weekends away.  I feel like there is such a nice mix of colours and finishes here and they are presented in such a user friendly fashion!  Like all Makeup Revolution products these are really budget-friendly at GBP6 which is about AU$12, and of course, they are cruelty-free.

There is actually a third palette in this Pro Looks range called Eat Sleep Makeup Repeat  which has some very vibrant coloured shadows.  I don’t own this palette because I am a bit scared of super bright colours (I’m such an amateur!), but if you own that palette I’d love to know your thoughts on it!

Have a glorious day beautiful people!

Makeup Revolution Pro Looks: Big Love (3 looks in 1 palette)

First up, this Pro Looks – Big Love palette is another Makeup Revolution dupe.  If you own the ‘Return of Sexy’ eyeshadow palette from Too Faced then you will recognise the shadows and configuration immediately.  I don’t own the Too Faced version to do a comparison for you – but the fact that Big Love is a dupe is the reason that I purchased it.  Elizamakeup has done an amazing youtube video comparing the two palettes and it is well worth viewing to see how the shadows compare.  For the purposes of this blog post I will just be focusing on Big Love.

Makeup Revolution Pro Looks Palette - Big Love

Makeup Revolution Pro Looks Palette – Big Love

I really like the idea of this palette as it is broken up into thirds with a configuration of five colours in each third that are designed to be used together.  Palettes which randomly splash colours across the palette without attempting to group them via colour tone drive me a bit nuts.  As I am such a makeup amateur I find those kinds of mixed-up colour configurations more difficult to work with as I’m not that savvy about what shades should be used together.  (I am also a bit compulsive about colour coding and for that reason alone I’m all about an orderly palette – lol).

Pro Looks - Big Love: Shadow names

Pro Looks – Big Love: Shadow names

The shadows are named and the names are well cute.  I think I have said it before, but I do wish that Makeup Revolution would print the names on the palette rather than on the clear film but that is just my personal preference.

The first thing you will notice about this Big Love palette is that there are satins, shimmers and glitter shades but no mattes.  For me, this means that I can’t travel with this palette which is a bit of a bummer as I really like to use mattes for transition shades in the crease.  I actually think of this as a special occasion palette as the shimmery shades are really beautiful, but not necessarily for everyday wear.

So lets have a look at the shades up close.

Neutral Third

Neutral Third

Neutral swatches (top to bottom, left to right: Looking out, Into the night, Into the light, Chameleons, Head over heals.

Neutral swatches (top to bottom, left to right: Looking out, Into the night, Into the light, Chameleons, Head over heals.

In the Neutral third Looking out (swatch 1) and Chameleons (swatch 4) are really quite sheer.  I would have loved for the gold of the Chameleons shade to be richer and more pigmented but it is still a soft, pretty colour.  The other three shades, however, are buttery and pigmented.  Into the night (swatch 2) has lots of micro glitter but I think that it is quite beautiful – and I’m not really about glitter shades!  I also particularly love Head over heals (swatch 5) which is just to die for.

Purple Third

Purple Third

Purple swatches (left to right, top to bottom): Romantic Moments, Absorbed, Lover, First Kiss, Last Kiss.

Purple swatches (left to right, top to bottom): Romantic Moments, Absorbed, Lover, First Kiss, Last Kiss.

The Purple third of this palette is my favourite configuration of colours.  These shades are just beautiful and work so well together.  The highlighting shade called Romantic Moments is a stunning satin shade – the swatch does not even begin to do this justice.  It is perfect as an inner corner highlight but I also love this all over the lid.  Absorbed (swatch 2) is also beautiful and I have used this all over the lid with a little soft, matte brown in the crease for a quick, everyday look.  When you wear this Purple third together you get a super glam, smokey look and it is the section I reach for when I use this palette.

Smokey Third

Smokey Third

Smokey Swatches (left to right, top to bottom): Stepping Out, Different Light, Weave Your Magic, Simply Stunning, Dreaming.

Smokey Swatches (left to right, top to bottom): Stepping Out, Different Light, Weave Your Magic, Simply Stunning, Dreaming.

Finally we have the Smokey third of the palette.  The highlight shade Stepping Out is thick and buttery (almost wet feeling) and is very bright.  The silver shade, Different Light (swatch 2) has a blue undertone and is very pretty with Weave Your Magic (swatch 3) to darken up the outer corner.  Dreaming is a very glittery shade but if you want that glitter to transfer to your eyes you are better off tapping it on the lid with your finger than with a brush.

Overall, these shades are shimmery, glittery and seriously glam.  I don’t use this palette on a day-to-day basis but for a night out it is perfect.  If you wanted to buy this configuration of colours from Too Faced you will pay about AU$70 for the Return to Sexy palette.  For me, particularly as this is a special occasion palette that I won’t use regularly, the Makeup Revolution Pro Looks version is a much more budget-friendly option retailing at approximately AU$12.  Plus, it is cruelty-free!

Have a fabulous day 🙂

Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: Naked Chocolate Palette

Chocolate Week Time!!!  And I am sad to say that this is the final instalment, but I am finishing with my favourite.

I Heart Makeup: Naked Chocolate Palette

I Heart Makeup: Naked Chocolate Palette

I am excited to present the I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate palette.  Out of the three chocolate bar palettes currently on offer I really do love this one the most.  While the I Heart Chocolate palette is more of an all rounder, and the Death by Chocolate palette is a cooler toned, taupe affair, the Naked Chocolate palette is warmer toned and rich with rosey, chocolate shades.  I saw a youtube video that compared some of the shades on offer in this palette to the Lorac Unzipped palette.  I don’t own the Lorac Unzipped palette to compare it for myself but the comparison swatches I saw indicate that this is actually a good dupe.

Naked Chocolate - shadow names

Naked Chocolate – shadow names

Six of the shadows in this palette are matte and the remaining ten are a mix of shimmer and satin (again, no glitter shades here).  I find the mix of lighter, mid and dark tones to be well balanced and therefore quite dynamic for use across all purposes.  If I’m not sure what to do for work…this is the palette I reach for.  I went to a gallery opening last week and wanted a really elegant eye look… and this was the palette I reached for.  I just love these shades.

Left of palette shadows

Left of palette shadows

Left of Palette swatches - top to bottom, left to right.

Left of Palette swatches – top to bottom, left to right.

Like the other chocolate palettes in this range, the quality of the shadows is really good.  I tap into the shadows gently because they are soft and buttery and are so easy to build.  I find the mattes work really well and everything blends nicely without getting muddy on the eye.  I use these with a primer and they last really well.  The light was very bright when I took my swatch photos so I feel like the colours are a little washed out in the pictures so you will have to trust me when I say the pigmentation really is lovely.

Right of palette shadows

Right of palette shadows

Right of Palette swatches: left to right, top to bottom.

Right of Palette swatches: left to right, top to bottom.

The shimmery highlighter shade on the right of the palette (swatch 8 above) is a very bright gold.  I tend to not use this in the inner corner but I think it is beautiful all over the lid because it is metallic and beautiful.

I am a lover of all things rose gold and there are so many lovely rosey shades in this palette.  I definitely recommend this palette and if you are only going to buy one of the chocolate palettes, this would be my recommendation.  Also, if you are keen on the Lorac Unzipped palette but don’t want to pay Lorac prices it might be worth giving the Naked Chocolate palette a go!

So that brings my ‘Chocolate Week’ series to a close.  Makeup Revolution have just released two new palettes into their chocolate palette range: I Heart Chocolate Pink Fizz and I Heart Chocolate Salted Caramel (which at a quick glance looks like a dupe for the Two Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette).  These both look amazing and have gone immediately onto my wish list!

So gorgeous people – love makeup, eat chocolate and have a fantastic day!