Makeup Revolution: 5 Baked Eyeshadows

I purchased these baked eyeshadow palettes with trepidation.  In the past I haven’t had a lot of luck with baked eyeshadows and as I can only order Makeup Revolution online, I had no idea of the quality of these before they arrived but I have been really pleasantly surprised.

I have two palettes from this range and they are dinky little guys – these palettes can fit in the palm of my hand, but the pigmentation makes up for in colour what may be laking in size!

These shadows are silky to the touch.  Although they are baked and therefore quite dry they are certainly finely milled.  I generally use these without wetting my brush and with a primer they apply and blend really well.  For a really bold look a bit of makeup fixing spray on the brush works wonders.  I don’t generally get fallout with these during application.  Sometimes I do find that throughout the day I will end up with some sparkle on my cheeks though so a sprits of makeup fixing spray is recommended after application.

The two palettes that I own are ‘Chocolate Deluxe’ and ‘Beyond Eden.

5 Baked Eyeshadows: Chocolate Deluxe

5 Baked Eyeshadows: Chocolate Deluxe

Chocolate Deluxe Swatches

Chocolate Deluxe Swatches

‘Chocolate Deluxe’ has a mix of light pinks, coppers and a dark (chocolate) brown.  I adore the darker colours here – particularly that rich, pink/red/cooper colour (swatch 3).  I find the two lightest pinks to be very similar and I don’t understand why they would put two colours which are almost identical in the same little palette but to be honest, it is the darker colours that I was after and they don’t disappoint.

5 Baked Eyeshadows Palette - Beyond Eden

5 Baked Eyeshadows Palette – Beyond Eden

Beyond Eden Swatches

Beyond Eden Swatches

In a later order I added ‘Beyond Eden’ to my collection as I really don’t own any green eyeshadow and I thought this palette was beautiful.  The lightest colour looks almost white in the palette but it is actually a lime green and is such a unique colour.  Again there are two shades which are quite similar in the darker greens but there is some difference in the depth of tone between them.  The two brown shadows are a nice addition to this palette and together these colours make a very pretty, eye look.

These baked eyeshadow palettes are compact for travel, are really pigmented and the colours are shimmery and beautiful.  If you are interested in trying them for yourself now is the time because Makeup Revolution has moved these into their ‘Last Chance to Buy’ section and they are on sale for GBP2 which is about AU$4 – bargain!

Have a great day!

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