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Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup: I Heart Chocolate

Chocolate Week time!!!!!!

So there are a number of things in life that I adore.  One of them is chocolate.  One of them is makeup.  When those two powers combine….. oh my goodness!

Makeup Revolution’s has a I Heart Makeup range that includes all kinds of chocolate themed products and this week we are going to explore these together.  In total I have four chocolate themed makeup products to share with you, so get excited 🙂

I Heart Makeup - Chocolate Palettes

I Heart Makeup – Chocolate Palettes

We are going to start ‘chocolate week’ with one of the MUR cult favourite chocolate palettes.  There are three chocolate palettes in the range: milk chocolate (I Heart Chocolate), dark chocolate (Death By Chocolate) and white chocolate (Naked Chocolate).  The packaging is completely divine in its melting chocolate form.  I actually have these on display in my girl cave.  So frickin’ cute.  I do think that these palettes smell sweet but they don’t have a strong chocolate smell.

Today I am going to spotlight the I Heart Chocolate palette in its milk chocolate case.

I Heart Chocolate Palette

I Heart Chocolate Palette

The palette comes with a clear slip that lists all the shade names which I think is a nice touch, but I would prefer that these were actually written on the palette itself.  The shade names are well cute.  There is also a really great mirror.

I Heart Chocolate Palette - shadow names

I Heart Chocolate Palette – shadow names

This palette is a dupe for the Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette.  I don’t own the Two Faced palette to do a direct comparison for you but there are some excellent blog posts and youtube videos that show comparison swatches.

Left of Palette shadows

Left of Palette shadows

Left of Palette swatches - top to bottom, left to right.

Left of Palette swatches – top to bottom, left to right.

I think the quality of these shadows is excellent.  This palette has a nice mix of matte, shimmer, glitter and satin shades as well as a really good balance of neutrals and pops of colour.  There are two mattes that work well in the crease and I really appreciate having a matte and shimmer highlight shade; although they didn’t show up well in my swatches, both of the highlight shades work really well on the eye and inner corner.

Right of Palette shadows

Right of Palette shadows

Right of Palette swatches - top to bottom, left to right.

Right of Palette swatches – top to bottom, left to right.

The purple shade called unforgivable (swatch 5) actually has a pink duo chrome and is extremely pretty on the eye.  There are three glitter shades piece me together which is a dark olive shade (left of palette, swatch 2) which has gold glitters; love torn which is a maroon shade with gold glitter (right of palette, swatch 2) and then what a way to go  which is a deep plum with pink/purple micro glitters (right of palette, swatch 7).  I’m not really about glitter shades, but these shades certainly are beautiful and the glitter does transfer well to the eye, if that is your thing.

I think this palette is a great all-rounder.  You can wear it for an everyday work look or a dramatic, smokey night look.  If you have ever been tempted by the Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette but don’t want to spend the AU$70 it will cost you then the I Heart Makeup I Heart Chocolate palette is a great option at just AU$17.  Even if this was the only thing you purchased from the MUR website and therefore you paid the full international shipping for this one item (about AU$16) this palette is still half the price of the original.  Bargain!

Please join me for the rest of my I Heart Makeup ‘chocolate week’ celebration.  If you haven’t already subscribed to my blog hit the ‘follow’ button on the right of the page to get updates of new posts via email.

Love makeup, eat chocolate and have a great day!!

Australis Cosmetics Haul!

I have been looking for a new foundation.  We are coming into summer and it is about to get extremely hot and humid and this is the time where my makeup starts to break down.  I had already decided that I was going to try something from Australis Cosmetics as I haven’t tried a foundation from them before and they are a great Australian, cruelty-free brand SO when they had a 48hr flash sale last week where everything on their website was 50% off I thought it was the perfect time to try some face products from their range.

I haven’t tried these products yet so this is going to be a haul rather than a first impression or review but I look forward to feeding back to you with some reviews once I have given these a really good try 🙂

'Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder' in Natural

‘Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder’ in Natural

The ‘Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder’ is one of the most popular Australis products so I am excited to give it a go.  They advertise it as being a 2-in-1 foundation and pressed powder so we will see what kind of additional coverage it offers.

'Mix it Foundation' in Nude

‘Mix it Foundation’ in Nude

The ‘Mix it  Colour Correcting Foundation’ claims to be a creamy, light-weight, water based formula that will provide medium coverage.  I am hoping that the water-based formula of this foundation will hold up to the summer humidity without breaking down too quickly!

'Stay Put Longwear Foundation!' in Nude

‘Stay Put Longwear Foundation!’ in Nude

This foundation claims to be long-lasting, smudge-free and contains a SPF15 with up to 16 hours of wear.  If you live in Australia you know that SPF is really important and again, I’m keen to put that ‘long-lasting’ claim to the test through the summer heat.

'CC Foundation' in Nude

‘CC Foundation’ in Nude

I actually brought this ‘CC foundation’ out of pure curiosity.  I haven’t used a CC cream before and at 50% off – it seemed like a good time for experimentation.  I do get redness on my cheeks so I am hoping that this may help to colour-correct that.

Pretty Pastels Palette

Pretty Pastels Palette

Lastly, as an impulse buy, I picked up the ‘Pretty Pastels Palette.’  This palette looks like it will be good for travel.  It contains a face powder which is a good colour match for me as well as a blush and bronzer, and three eyeshadows.  The colour products in here all contain some shimmer but they are certainly pretty pastels.

So that is my Australis 50% off haul.  Australis do ship internationally so if you are interested you can find their online store here.  If you sign up to their newsletter you get a 25% off coupon which is a good deal.

Have a great day cruelty-free makeup lovers!

Things I Don’t Love: Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer

Welcome back to the ‘Things I Don’t Love’ series where I discuss products that didn’t work for me, or that I just don’t love and wouldn’t purchase again.

I love Makeup Revolution and I have to admit that I purchased these Salvation Velvet Lacquers based on excellent reviews on youtube.  I didn’t have any experience with matte, liquid lipsticks, so part of the reason why I may have found these to be a product that I don’t love is that I really just didn’t know what to expect.  Obviously people do like these – all the reviews I looked up at the time were positive, but seriously people, if you don’t like dry lips, and I mean straight up, dry lips, then you are going to struggle with this kind of product.

I have three colours from this range and the pigmentation is amazing on all three.

Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers from top to bottom: Keep Flying for You, What I Believe and Velvet Rebel.

Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers from top to bottom: Keep Flying for You, What I Believe and Velvet Rebel.

The texture is creamy and opaque and when you swatch them they are beautiful.  On your arm it is clear that these are super long wearing!  Once they are dry they don’t budge.

Swatches from top to bottom: Velvet Rebel, Keep Flying for You and What I Believe.

Swatches from top to bottom: Velvet Rebel, Keep Flying for You and What I Believe.

The difficulty with these lip lacquers comes with the complexity of wearing such a dry colour on an area of the body that flexes and gets wet.  After trying these and getting super frustrated at the disastrous results I hit up the internet for some advice.  I was told that I needed to do the following for a more successful application:

  1. exfoliate my lips before application
  2. apply only a single, thin layer
  3. keep mouth open, without touching lips, until the product is completely dry
  4. avoid any kind of oily food as oils will immediately break down the product

So I went back to the drawing board and had better success BUT I still find these to be a very high maintenance lip product to wear.  I have taken some photos to demonstrate my point.

When you first apply the velvet lip lacquer following the instruction above they look really pigmented, opaque and matte.  If it stayed like this I could deal with the dryness because the colour payoff is awesome.

Immediate look of the velvet lip lacquer once it has dried.

Immediate look of the velvet lip lacquer once it has dried.

In my experience the lacquer goes through a process of ‘stripping away’ the colour that touches the inner edge of the lip that tends to get damp.  I strongly dislike this.  The colour crumbles and transfers to my teeth, a situation that makes me anxious and leaves me checking my teeth compulsively.

Lip lacquer 5mins after application.

Lip lacquer 5mins after application.

Once this ‘stripping’ process along the inner edge is completed these do wear for a long time.  The only issue is that they really aren’t comfortable for me.  They are so very dry and matte that I am constantly tempted to lick my lips or purse my lips – both of which lead to the colour breaking down.

Although the colour is long wearing, when it breaks down it doesn’t wear away like a creamy lipstick might, but rather is kind of crumbles away in a really uneven, unattractive way.

Lip Lacquer with more prolonged wear. The product is crumbling off the lips.

Lip Lacquer with more prolonged wear. The product is crumbling off the lips.

This picture was actually taken less than 30mins after application and I had been laughing (loudly) and talking with my husband and you can see that the colour is already starting to crumble off the lips.  The pigmentation and opacity doesn’t change over time but it does just crumble off!

I have to be honest and say that because I haven’t enjoyed these lip lacquers I have avoided matte liquid lipsticks from other brands, so this is the only matte, liquid lipstick that I have ever tried.  I can’t compare it to similar products from other brands so I have no idea how it might compare.  All I can really say is that I don’t love this product.  I do, however, LOVE Makeup Revolution as a brand.  In fact, they are my favourite brand of makeup!  I suppose every brand has something that just won’t work for you and the Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers are that product for me.

Have a wonderful day beautiful people!

Five great cruelty-free products under AU$5!

Makeup is expensive at the best of times but makeup is REALLY expensive in Australia.  I don’t really understand why that is, but I am presuming it has something to do with the way our government taxes cosmetic products.  Whatever the explanation it is a serious bummer.  My point is that there aren’t that many really good makeup products that we can access from Australia that are good quality, cruelty-free and less than AU$5 but I am determined to find all the good ones that I can and share them with you.

So here are five great products that are under AU$5!!

5 under $5 – Product Number 1:

Makeup Revolution 'amazing' lipstick

Makeup Revolution ‘amazing’ lipstick

Amazing Lipstick swatches: 'The One' (top), 'Treat' (bottom)

Amazing Lipstick swatches: ‘The One’ (top), ‘Treat’ (bottom)

First up on the list are the Makeup Revolution ‘amazing’ lipsticks.  These retail for about AU$2 (depending on the exchange rate).  These are great, easy-wear lipsticks.  They are moisturising and creamy and the pigmentation is quite good.  These don’t have a long-wearing formula but they are perfect to throw on as you walk out the door to the shops and if you are happy to reapply within an hour or two they are just fine.  If you want them to last longer a lipliner really helps.  I have two lipsticks from this range and love both these colours.  My only tip is to make sure you exfoliate your lips to get a really smooth application.  These two shades are glossy but NOT frosted which I prefer.

5 under $5 – Product Number 2:

E.L.F. eyebrow kit

E.L.F. eyebrow kit

E.L.F. eyebrow kit - medium brown

E.L.F. eyebrow kit – medium brown

My second excellent budget product is the E.L.F. eyebrow kit.  I have reviewed this product here before as one of my holy-grail brow products and I continue to use this a number of times a week.  It is just so easy and gives a nature look and at about AU$4 from these are a steal.

5 under $5 – Product Number 3:

Essence Lipliners

Essence Lipliners

Next up on the list are the Essence Lipliners.  I can’t say enough good things about these little bargains.  I have a review and swatches of the range here but these really are great quality and super value for money at just AU$2!

5 under $5 – Product Number 4: 

Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes

Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes

My next bargain buy are the Makeup Revolution powder blushes.  I have reviewed these in more detail here, but these guys are a GREAT buy at just AU$2.  I love these shades and they last so well on the skin and blend really nicely upon application.  Such a deal!

5 under $5 – Product Number 5:

Freedom Makeup London Mono eyeshadows

Freedom Makeup London Mono eyeshadows

Lastly we have the Freedom Makeup London Mono Eyeshadows.  Oh my goodness.  These little guys are good and more than worth the AU$2 you will spend on them.  I love all the colours that I own from this range and have another handful of these in my wish list on the Freedom website.  If you want to see some swatches I have previously reviewed these eyeshadows here.

A final word on international shipping…

Now, to be fair, if you order from Makeup Revolution or Freedom Makeup from Australia you are going to pay shipping which obviously adds to the cost of the products.  The good news is that the shipping cost is fixed for both websites so it doesn’t matter how much you order you will pay the same.  For both stores the international shipping from the UK to Australia costs about AU$16.  So I suppose the bad news is that if you go onto either of these online stores and only want to buy one AU$2 blush you are going to pay through the roof to get that shipped to you!  I feel like this situation acts as a real enabler to me as I want to make the shipping ‘worth it’ and thus order more than I probably need.  But seriously, if you can get on and off the Freedom or Makeup Revolutions online stores without ordering a tone of things, well then, the force is strong with you!

Have you tried any of these awesome budget-friendly, cruelty-free products?  If you have other products under $5 to recommend then PLEASE share in the comments below 🙂

Have a great day!

Makeup Revolution: 5 Baked Eyeshadows

I purchased these baked eyeshadow palettes with trepidation.  In the past I haven’t had a lot of luck with baked eyeshadows and as I can only order Makeup Revolution online, I had no idea of the quality of these before they arrived but I have been really pleasantly surprised.

I have two palettes from this range and they are dinky little guys – these palettes can fit in the palm of my hand, but the pigmentation makes up for in colour what may be laking in size!

These shadows are silky to the touch.  Although they are baked and therefore quite dry they are certainly finely milled.  I generally use these without wetting my brush and with a primer they apply and blend really well.  For a really bold look a bit of makeup fixing spray on the brush works wonders.  I don’t generally get fallout with these during application.  Sometimes I do find that throughout the day I will end up with some sparkle on my cheeks though so a sprits of makeup fixing spray is recommended after application.

The two palettes that I own are ‘Chocolate Deluxe’ and ‘Beyond Eden.

5 Baked Eyeshadows: Chocolate Deluxe

5 Baked Eyeshadows: Chocolate Deluxe

Chocolate Deluxe Swatches

Chocolate Deluxe Swatches

‘Chocolate Deluxe’ has a mix of light pinks, coppers and a dark (chocolate) brown.  I adore the darker colours here – particularly that rich, pink/red/cooper colour (swatch 3).  I find the two lightest pinks to be very similar and I don’t understand why they would put two colours which are almost identical in the same little palette but to be honest, it is the darker colours that I was after and they don’t disappoint.

5 Baked Eyeshadows Palette - Beyond Eden

5 Baked Eyeshadows Palette – Beyond Eden

Beyond Eden Swatches

Beyond Eden Swatches

In a later order I added ‘Beyond Eden’ to my collection as I really don’t own any green eyeshadow and I thought this palette was beautiful.  The lightest colour looks almost white in the palette but it is actually a lime green and is such a unique colour.  Again there are two shades which are quite similar in the darker greens but there is some difference in the depth of tone between them.  The two brown shadows are a nice addition to this palette and together these colours make a very pretty, eye look.

These baked eyeshadow palettes are compact for travel, are really pigmented and the colours are shimmery and beautiful.  If you are interested in trying them for yourself now is the time because Makeup Revolution has moved these into their ‘Last Chance to Buy’ section and they are on sale for GBP2 which is about AU$4 – bargain!

Have a great day!

Things I Don’t Love: MUA Eyebrow Pencil

Welcome back to the Things I Don’t Love series where we talk about things I don’t love and wouldn’t buy again.  Today’s topic is the MUA Eyebrow Pencil  in ‘Brunette.

I have always tended to gravitate towards wax and powder kits for doing my eyebrows.  I find these easy to use but most importantly for me, I can create a natural look with these formats.  Please keep my preference for a natural looking brow in mind as you read this review.

I actually purchased the MUA eyebrow pencil on a whim while putting in an order for other products because it was just GBP1 which is about AU$2 and as I had never tried a pencil on my brows I thought, why not?

MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette.

MUA Eyebrow Pencil in Brunette.

At a glance it has everything going for it:

  • long pencil – so lots of product
  • very pigmented
  • comes with a brow brush
  • capped at both ends

In theory this should be great.  The disappointing part comes in using it in practice.  Firstly, the eyebrow brush provided is really not nice.  The comb is very dense and quite sharp.  It doesn’t so much brush through the hairs as rake through them.  I think it is barely useable.

I dislike sharpening this pencil as the product kind of clogs up the sharpener blades.  It has made me realise how much better an automated pencil would be to avoid this.

Brunette swatches.

Brunette swatches.

This pencil is also very soft and because it is so soft I find it had to control.  You only need to put the lightest of pressure and you end up with a very bold brow.  Also, because it is soft it is hard to keep a sharp tip so if you are looking to make small flick hair marks you will be out of luck with this.  I have tried to use this more like a wax by gently swiping it over the hairs and then trying to brush it through but it is more trouble than it is worth.

The times I have used this I ended up with extremely bold, sculpted brows and to be honest I don’t really find that look appropriate for my own everyday wear.

I have read a lot of positive reviews about this MUA brow pencil so I suspect that my issue with this pencil is not so much a fault of the product as it is that the product creates a look that just isn’t to my own personal taste.  If you enjoy a soft brow pencil and a bold brow look, this is probably going to be an excellent brow product for you.  Unfortunately I’m looking for something much more natural and subtle so I don’t love this product.

Have a fantastic day!!

Makeup Revolution – I Heart Makeup Slogan Palette: Makeup Geek Palette

I heart Makeup Slogan Palette - Makeup Geek.

I heart Makeup Slogan Palette – Makeup Geek.

I received this Slogan Palette from the I Heart Makeup range for free during a Makeup Revolution special deal.  It is called the ‘Makeup Geek’ palette and it is kitsch in design but extremely practical in nature.

I have to be honest.

The aesthetics of this palette are a little off-putting for me but this packaging is sturdy, has a HUGE mirror and even though I am not about the flashing cover – I just can’t help but flash it every time I pick this up.  (guilty pleasure much).

I didn’t think I would like this palette.  It looked a bit like makeup for teenagers and I had made a judgement that it wouldn’t be very good quality, but I have been so pleasantly surprised.  There is so much variety in colour here and I have really enjoyed experimenting.  So, lets look at some closeups and swatches.

First three columns of shadows from left to right.

First three columns of shadows from left to right.

First three columns of shadows swatched from left to right.  The matte, cream is barely visible on my skin!

First three columns of shadows swatched from left to right. The matte, cream is barely visible on my skin!

The first three columns are very neutral.  I love the yellow/mustard shimmer shade (3rd swatch from the right) – it is a really interesting colour.  The mattes are pretty dry to the touch and lack pigmentation but I think they are surprisingly workable on the lid.

Columns 4-6 from the Makeup Geek Palette.

Columns 4-6 from the Makeup Geek Palette.

Swatches of columns 4-6 from the Makeup Geek Palette.

Swatches of columns 4-6 from the Makeup Geek Palette.

I love the orange colours in this part of the palette.  In fact that rich, peachy orange matte colour (swatch 4 from left) is my most used colour in this palette.  Love it!  Some of the light shades here lack a bit of pigmentation but they are ok.

Columns 7-9 of the Makeup Geek Palette.

Columns 7-9 of the Makeup Geek Palette.

Swatches of columns 7-9 of the Makeup Geek Palette.

Swatches of columns 7-9 of the Makeup Geek Palette.

The purples and greens in this part of the palette are so beautiful.  I have been really surprised by how much I love some of these colours and there really are shadows here that are like nothing else in my collection.

Overall this palette has been a very pleasant surprise.  Although the matte shades aren’t amazing, they are workable.  The shimmer shades are like butter and are extremely metallic and shiny.  The satin shades are soft and blend well.  I have been surprised to find that a number of these shadows are really dimensional – almost duo chrome and very beautiful.

I don’t think that the quality of these shadows is quite on par with the chocolate palettes which are also from the I Heart Makeup range from Makeup Revolution but at GBP7.99 which is about AU$16 this is a really nice way to get a range of pretty colours into your makeup collection.

Have a wonderful day!

What is in my travel makeup bag?

My husband and I have just returned from a 10 day trip to Japan.  If you have never visited Japan I highly recommend it – it is such a frenetic, interesting place and I just love it.  As an avid traveller I am always reviewing what I pack and how I pack so I thought it might be interesting to blog about the products that I took away with me in my travel makeup bag for this holiday.

The first rule I set myself when packing makeup is to choose just ONE of everything for my travel bag.  This means I need to shop my stash carefully and consider the clothing I have packed as well as the events of the trip, when making my choices.  I need this parameter otherwise I get carried away with wanting a range of lipsticks and blushes and it gets excessive very quickly.

Face Products for travel: MUR primer, E.L.F. foundation and MUR protection palette.

Face Products for travel: MUR primer, E.L.F. foundation and MUR protection palette.

For my face products I selected on the Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer for 24 hour makeup protection.  This is a clear, silicone based primer and it works well.  My makeup needed to last from morning through to late at night most days and this was effective in helping that process.

The foundation I chose was the E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation with SPF 15.  This foundation goes on really nicely for me and lasts really well.  The shade I have is porcelain and it does oxidize a bit after you put it on so I choose a powder that is slightly lighter than I might ordinarily wear.  Saying that, I do really like this foundation: it is light with medium coverage and it looks natural.

Lastly, I selected the Makeup Revolution Protection Palette in light.  This palette contains three cream concealers, a face powder, matte bronzer, pink shimmer blush and a champagne highlighter.  I don’t use these concealers under my eyes as these can look a bit cakey on my skin in that area, but they work well for spot concealing.  The lightest shade matches me well.  The bronzer is very pigmented! A light hand is definitely required and lots of blending.  The blush is really beautiful and neutral enough to go with any eye look and the highlighter is also lovely – not too bold.  I love this palette for travel as it is covers so much in one sleek palette with a good mirror.  I think these are being discontinued as they are in the summer sale section on the MUR website at the moment, so if you are interested you should go and take a look.

Eye and Lip Products: E.L.F eyeshadow primer, MUR Salvation Palette in 'What are you Waiting for?' MUR Amazing Volume Mascara, MUA clear brow gel, E.L.F. Lip Gloss Stick in 'Movie Star' and ColourPop lippie stix in 'Frenchie'.

Eye and Lip Products: E.L.F eyeshadow primer, MUR Salvation Palette in ‘What are you Waiting for?’ MUR Amazing Volume Mascara, MUA clear brow gel, E.L.F. Lip Gloss Stick in ‘Movie Star’ and ColourPop lippie stix in ‘Frenchie’.

For my eyes I took my trusty E.L.F. eyeshadow primer and the Makeup Revolution Salvation palette in ‘What are you Waiting For?’  This is a surprisingly versatile palette which can go from soft pink looks to light golds to richer browns and down right burgundy and black smokey eyes.  There is a great mix of mattes (in the bottom row of round shadows), shimmers and satins.  The shadows look a little same-same in tone in the picture, but I just love this palette.  The quality is excellent and they wear all day.  Also, the matte brown can work (although it is a little too warm) for filling in my brows – which is what I did by teaming it with the MUA clear brow gel.  I finished my eyes with the MUR Amazing Volume Mascara which I really like.  It has a fluffy, big brush and gives great volume without clumping!

The last two products that I brought with me were lip products.  For general wear I had the E.L.F. lip gloss stick in ‘Movie Star’ which is a pigmented balm.  It keeps the lips hydrated and looks very pretty.  I love tinted balms for travel because they are so hassle-free.  And lastly for nights out I brought the ColourPop Lippie Stix called ‘Frenchie.’  This is a very vibrant, matte red that lasts REALLY well on the lips and looks great.

So – that is what I took with me travelling in my makeup bag.  What are your travel must haves?  Any cruelty-free products you would like to recommend to me?

Thanks so much, and happy travels!

Makeup Revolution: Powder Blush

I have fallen in love with blush this year.  I have literally gone from having two blushes to a drawer full of blushes in the last 12 months.  Companies like Makeup Revolution make it so easy to buy blushes though when they make good quality, cruelty-free blushes for just AU$2 each (plus postage).

The powder blushes from MUR are really nice.  They are finely milled, silky to the touch and very pigmented.

Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes.  Top Row: Treat, Wow!  Bottom Row: Sugar, Hot and Love.

Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes. Top Row: Treat, Wow! Bottom Row: Sugar, Hot and Love.

I purchased five out of the six blushes in this range.  The sixth blush is called ‘Now’ and is a neutral pink shade which I am sure is also lovely.  The range of colours here is excellent.  ‘Treat’ is a peachy colour, ‘Wow!’ is a bright, cool-toned pink, ‘Sugar’ is a rose shade (which is looking more red in the swatch picture than it does in real life), ‘Hot’ is a warm, red-based pink and ‘Love’ is a very soft, neutral colour.

Swatches: Treat, Wow!  Sugar, Hot and Love.

Swatches: Treat, Wow! Sugar, Hot and Love.

These do kick up a bit of powder if you aren’t gentle when you tap in your brush, but because they are so pigmented you really do only need to gently tap in your brush or you will have TOO much colour on the cheek.  These wear really well on my skin and last through my work day without any worries.  The colour gives a gentle glow without glitter or high sheen.

If you look for these on the MUR website you will notice that the packaging has actually changed to a white, square package but the formula has stayed the same.  If you are interested to experiment with a variety of blush colours or just want to build your stash these are a really affordable, good quality option.  And if you manage to get on and off that MUR website and ONLY buy blush… well, you are a stronger person than me!

Have a great day 🙂