Freedom Makeup London: Pro Butters and Pro Melts

Freedom Makeup London is a brand which I have been really enjoying since it launched earlier this year.  When I last ordered from Freedom I picked up one each of their lip lacquers in the Pro Butters and Pro Melts formulas just to try them out.

Firstly, lets just take a moment to appreciate that gorgeous silver box.  Cute packaging!!  The tube itself is very simple with a sleek white cap, doe foot applicator and silver writing.

The texture of the two products is very different but I actually don’t have a favourite.

Top - Pro Butter in 'Cats Whiskers.'  Bottom - Pro Melt in 'Jammy Dodger.'

Top – Pro Butter in ‘Cats Whiskers.’ Bottom – Pro Melt in ‘Jammy Dodger.’

The Pro Butters are thinner in texture and less opaque than that Pro Melts but the colours are still vibrant.  I purchased the colour called ‘Cats Whiskers.’  I love this kind of coral colour but mainly I bought this because the name is so stinkin’ cute!  The Pro Butters apply quite easily and you can build them a bit.  The texture is very smooth and kind of velvety and then they dry down to quite a matte feel and look.  These last really well.

The Pro Melts are thick, pigmented and glossy without being sticky.  These are really a liquid lipstick.  The colour I purchased is ‘Jammy Dodger’ and it is so beautiful.  Again, super cute name – it takes me back to when I lived in the UK and was eating those jam cookies all the time!  This has a surprisingly long wear time too and it is stunning, STUNNING on the lips.

I really like both these formulas.  If you are up for a more subtle, matte look then I recommend the Pro Butters formular, but if you want a vibrant, glossy liquid lipstick then the Pro Melts are for you.

These sell for GBP3 which is about AU$6 on the Freedom Website.  I will certainly order more of these if I purchase from Freedom again.  If you have tried either of these formulas of the Freedom Lip Lacquers I’d love to know what colours you recommend.

Have a fantastic day!

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