Things I Don’t Love: Chi Chi Moisturising Lip Crayon

Welcome back to Things I Don’t Love – the blog where we discuss products that didn’t work for me, or that I just didn’t love and wouldn’t buy again.

Today we are going to discuss the Chi Chi Moisturising Lip Crayons.  I purchased these lip crayons as a boxed set of five at Target for AU$20.  My first mistake was that I purchased these impulsively.  There were no crayons out as testers and I hadn’t read any reviews.  If I had been able to access either of those two things I would not have purchased these.

I need to be clear.  These are good quality.  They last quite well on the lips, the colours are really pigmented and the packaging is convenient and automatic (so no sharpening required).  My issue here is not quality but rather the formula of the colours.

Chi Chi: Moisurising Lip Crayons and swatches

Chi Chi: Moisturising Lip Crayons and swatches

If we number these crayons from top (crayon 1) to bottom (crayon 5), that will make them easier to discuss as they don’t have names.  You can see the colours offer a range of pinks which get progressively darker.  Out of the five colours, crayon 4 is extremely shimmery.  When I say that, I seriously mean metallic lips.  I have no idea when or how I would use this as the cool tone of this pink makes the metallic finish even less wearable.

Crayon 1 is a lovely peachy pink but it and crayon 5 which is a bright fuchsia are almost drier in texture than the other three crayons.  Although these two colours are lovely they contain silver micro-glitter.  This wasn’t immediately obvious to me in the tube or even in the swatches but you can certainly see it on the lips.  Glitter in a lip product is off-putting for me so I don’t reach for these.

Lip Crayon swatch close-ups

Lip Crayon swatch close-ups out of direct sunlight.

The remaining two crayons in the set are crayon 2 and crayon 3 which are very creamy in comparison to the other three.  These do not have glitter that I can see and are therefore the most wearable colours in the set in my opinion.  The creamy texture of these two does mean they can gather a little on dry patches though.

Overall I think the biggest issue here is not the actual product, but that I didn’t really know what I was buying.  If bright, glittery lip crayons are something you enjoy, then you will love these.  Unfortunately I was expecting these to be different – no glitter or metallic sheen and more balmy in style.  Chi Chi is a great Australian company and I look forward to trying other lip products from them (their lipsticks are raved about), but I don’t love these lip crayons.

Have a fantastic day!!

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