Things I Don’t Love: E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon

Welcome back to the Things I Don’t Love series where I discuss products that didn’t work for me at all or products that I just didn’t love and wouldn’t buy again.  Today I am going to be talking about the E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon.  As always, let me preface this blog by saying that E.L.F. is a cruelty-free, budget-freindly brand that I love.  LOVE.  But I don’t love this product.

Saying that, let me start my review by saying a couple of good points about this product:

  • The colours are lovely.  The Champagne shade is stunning and the Pitch Black shade really is BLACK.
  • Once these are set, they don’t smudge (even when you rub them) and they are waterproof.
  • You get a LOT of product for your money.
  • This is an automatic crayon so you don’t need to sharpen it.
Waterproof Eyeliner Crayons: Champagne and Pitch Black

Waterproof Eyeliner Crayons: Champagne and Pitch Black

I originally purchased three of these Eyeliner Crayons so I had the Champagne shade, the Pitch Black shade and the Navy shade.  This leads me to my biggest complaint about these crayons.  The Navy eyeliner arrived and it wouldn’t draw on the skin.  From the moment I opened the packet it was clear to me that the Navy crayon was already completely dried out.  SO – it went straight in the bin.  This has continued to be an issue that has plagued me.  I have now owned these for 6 months and the Champagne crayon is now also dried out.  I can still get this to draw for the purpose of a swatch on my arm but I need to put a lot of pressure – more than would ever be safe around my eye area, and you can see in the closeup swatch below that the colour is now cakey and flakey because it is so dry.

Swatches: Champagne and Pitch Black

Swatches: Champagne and Pitch Black

The second major issue for me is the size of these eyeliner crayons.  The only crayon that I own that still works is Pitch Black and above you can see what a standard drawn line of this crayon looks like.  The tip is very thick and it is difficult to control as a result.  I have found that it is easy to make a mess with this product because (at the moment) it is creamy and soft and because it is so pigmented – eek!  You can also see in the closeup photo below that because the tip of the crayon is blunt the edge of the line is quite feathered.  This crayon will not give you a sharp line.

closeup swatches of Champagne and Pitch Black

closeup swatches of Champagne and Pitch Black

So, for me it is a catch twenty-two.  When the product is working properly it is too soft and large to control accurately around the eye – and then when it dries out you can’t draw with it at all.

I have never had an automatic eyeliner that dries out so for me that is a significant formula issue.  I do like this kind of chubby stick design for cream eyeshadow but I don’t like this sort of design for eyeliner because it means the tip is just too thick for me to use accurately around my eye.

I would not recommend these Waterproof Eyeliner Crayons primarily because they just dry out so quickly.  Although this product hasn’t worked for me personally, some E.L.F. products are ‘holy grail’ in my collection.  Will I continue to buy from the E.L.F. makeup range – absolutely.  Would I buy this particular Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon again – absolutely not!

Have a wonderful day!

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