Freedom Makeup London: Pro 12 Eyeshadow Palettes – Dreamcatcher and Chasing Rainbows

This is the third instalment in my series of blogs exploring the Freedom Makeup London Pro 12 Eyeshadow Palettes.  This post will be dedicated to the two palettes that contain particularly bright, fun colours.  I encourage you to go and have a read of my other articles if you prefer neutral shades or are interested in these palettes generally and would like to see swatches from across the range.  You can find article 1 and article 2 here.

I am always drawn to the bright coloured palettes but I must say, I am never quite sure what to do once I have them.  If you are in a similar situation then the Dreamcatcher palette may be a nice compromise.

Pro 12 Dreamcatcher

Pro 12 Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher Swatches - top row

Dreamcatcher Swatches – top row

The top row of this palette is very soft, pretty and neutral.  I see these as being the base onto which a pop of colour can be applied.  The first shade, which looks champagne in the swatch above actually has a lovely, subtle lavender duo chrome to it.

Dreamcatcher Swatches - middle row

Dreamcatcher Swatches – middle row

The third row offers the most vibrant colours.  While they certainly offer a pop of colour, I consider these very wearable colours.  The dark purple, royal blue and dark green here are VERY similar to a purple, blue and green that appear in a number of Makeup Revolution palettes, so if you own any of those you may well already have these colours in your collection.

Dreamcatcher Swatches - bottom row

Dreamcatcher Swatches – bottom row

The bottom row contains my favourite colour from this palette which is that really pretty lavender colour seen in the first swatch above.

The only negative aspect of this palette for me is that all the colours are satins or shimmers and the only matte shade is the black.  I own the Pro 12 Audacious Mattes palette so obviously this isn’t a real issue but my preference is to be able to grab for a single palette and get my whole look from that one place.

If you are a bit braver, a bit more adventurous or (like me), hope to be one day, then the Chasing Rainbows palette is really beautiful.  This palette is for unicorn lovers 🙂  I mean LOOK at those colours!  This palette contains two mattes (shades 1 and 12), five satin/shimmer shades (shade 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10) and five satin shades with silver micro glitter (shades 2, 5, 8, 9 and 11).

Pro 12 Chasing Rainbows

Pro 12 Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows Swatches: top row

Chasing Rainbows Swatches: top row

The top row begins with a fluorescent yellow matte colour.  This isn’t that pigmented on the first swatch, but it is buildable.  The first green shade contains silver micro glitter  Then you have soft shimmery green and a bright fuchsia pink shade that REALLY pops and is so pigmented.

Chasing Rainbows Swatches: middle row

Chasing Rainbows Swatches: middle row

The middle row has a shimmery blue followed by a slightly lighter blue with micro glitter, a dark purple (which is identical to the dark purple in the Dreamcatcher palette!!) and a dark pink with micro glitter.

Chasing Rainbows Swatches: bottom row

Chasing Rainbows Swatches: bottom row

Lastly, the bottom row has a bright, pastel purple with micro glitter, a royal blue (which again, is identical to the blue from the Dreamcatcher palette – colour double-ups like this really bug me!) and then a fluorescent matte pink.  Again, the pigmentation of the matte pink isn’t great, but it is buildable.

There are some very pretty colours in the Chasing Rainbows palette, but I have to admit that I don’t love the micro glitter shades.  These really are too sparkly for my personal taste although they work well.

Overall, these are lovely palettes.  They sit well within the Pro 12 range by offering a pop of colour to what is generally a neutral range of eyeshadow palettes.  My only complaint is that there are definitely two colours here that appear in both palettes which makes me wonder how many of the neutral colours are doubled-up across the Pro 12 range.  BUT if you own a more reasonable amount of makeup, this probably isn’t going to be an issue for you because you won’t own every palette 🙂  To be honest I probably wouldn’t have purchase the Chasing Rainbows palette if I had realised that five of the shades were glittery but, let’s get real, this palette only cost me AU$8, which is less than what I would pay for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake at a cafe SO I have hardly broken the bank.  If you like glittery, colourful eyeshadow then this is the perfect palette for you!

The compulsive part of my personality is tempted to buy the Audacious 3 palette because it is the only one from the range that I don’t own, but I am fighting the urge because I DON’T NEED MORE EYESHADOW!!  And I believe that it is very similar to the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 which I do own.  If you do own both those palettes I’d be interested to hear how you think they compare.

Do you own any of the Pro 12 palettes?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Have a fantastic day!

2 thoughts on “Freedom Makeup London: Pro 12 Eyeshadow Palettes – Dreamcatcher and Chasing Rainbows

    1. megansmakeupmuses Post author

      This is also my issue!! I have been doing a lot of bright lower lash lines and warm browns in the crease with a pop of colour on the lid. I just want all the pretty things but I think I need to learn some self-control!



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