ColourPop Super Shock Cheek: Blush and Highlights

When I made my first ColourPop order a while back I purchased two each of their cruelty-free blushers and highlighters. I don’t really have much in the way of cream face products so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I have been pleasantly surprised by these beauties.

They have the same unique texture of the super shock shadows: silky, damp (but not wet), creamy and spongy.  They go on creamy but dry down almost immediately.  They don’t stay tacky and both highlighters and blushers alike last ALL day.  They swatch beautifully and I adore all the colours that I purchased.

Jelly Fish (pearlized) and Prenup (satin).

Jelly Fish (pearlized) and Prenup (satin).

Blush swatches: Prenup (top) and Jelly Fish.

Blush swatches: Prenup (top) and Jelly Fish.

If we start with the blush colours you can see Jelly Fish is a bright red coral shade.  I love this one.  It is really easy to apply with a brush because it is so pigmented.  I blend a little of this out to get a really beautiful flush.  I think this is the perfect blush for the spring time – it is bright and being a cream type product it won’t sweat off!

Prenup is a much more subtle colour.  ColourPop describe it as a mid-tone plum pink and I think that is pretty accurate.  I find this one a bit more fiddly to apply because it is not as pigmented and it doesn’t pick up on a brush as easily.  I tend to pat this one onto the cheeks with my fingers but even then it gives a very natural and neutral look.

Teasecake (pearlized) and Butterfly Beach (pearlized).

Teasecake (pearlized) and Butterfly Beach (pearlized).

Highlighter swatches: Butterfly Beach (top) and Teasecake.

Highlighter swatches: Butterfly Beach (top) and Teasecake.

The highlights are really pretty.  I feel like these are darker tones in person than they appeared on the website but I still think they work for me, even on my pale skin.  I love both these colours and although they look quite similar in my photographs I think they are much more unique in person.  Teacake is a pale pink which looks almost peachy due to a gold, almost duo chrome, finish.  It is so beautiful and you only need a light hand because these highlighters POP.

Butterfly Beach is a muted rose gold highlighter.  ColourPop describes it as soft peach with gold and silver highlights and I can see where they are coming from.  This one is getting close to being too dark for me but I think that in the summer when I get a little more colour it will be beautiful. I have worn it through the winter though and I just blend it out carefully.  These are both lush.

I really like these super shock cheek products.  I would definitely purchase more of these because they have been surprisingly easy to work with, and in tropical North Queensland, Australia where the humidity is horrendous anything that doesn’t melt-off my face gets 10/10 in my book!  These retail for US$8 which is about AU$11 and I think they are well worth the price.

If you would like to have a look at the ColourPop range for yourself you can find them here.

Have a great day!

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