Makeup Revolution: The One Blush Stick – Pink

I received ‘The One Blush Stick’ in Pink as part of a free gift from Makeup Revolution a number of months ago.  I had looked at these blush sticks on the website and recognised them as being very similar to a blush stick product by NARS.  I don’t own the NARS version but I was tempted to try the Makeup Revolution dupe as I have nothing that is remotely comparable in my collection.

I really am a cream product novice.

Makeup Revolution - The One Blush Stick: Pink

Makeup Revolution – The One Blush Stick: Pink

There are eight products available in the complete set including four colours available in two finishes: bold and matte.  These retail for GBP5 which is about AU$10.  I only own the one colour – the bold ‘Pink,’ so I can’t speak to the quality of the entire range but I can tell you that I really enjoy this one that I own.

I would describe this as being almost a cream to powder product, although it is not advertised this way.  It goes on very creamy and is very pigmented.  You certainly don’t want to paint it on in a swipe straight from the tube otherwise it will look like children’t SPF zinc!  I pat this on to the cheeks gently and then blend with my fingers or a stippling brush.  It is very buildable so it is better to start slowly and then work up to the desired colour.  Despite looking a bit scary in the tube I think it actually gives quite a natural flush on the cheeks.

Pink swatches: direct from the stick on the left, and a smaller, blended swatch on the right.

Pink swatches: direct from the stick on the left, and a smaller, blended swatch on the right.

I was surprised how easy this is to work with.  At first I was put off by the brightness of the colour and my lack of familiarity with cream blushes, but this One Blush Stick is pretty foolproof and blends really easily.  Initially I felt that I might need to set this cream product with a small amount of a powder blush but now I realise that that step isn’t necessary and because it sets to a powdery finish once it is blended out you don’t end up with a greasy face.  This blush lasts really well throughout the day and even if my foundation is starting to break down this blush stays put.  Living in the tropics I am always looking for products that don’t melt off my face in the awful heat and humidity, so the long wear of this blush is a big plus in my book.

I really like this blush and I look forward to trying other colours from The One Blush range in the future.

Have a fantastic day!

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