Freedom Makeup London: Pro Glow Meow and Roar

The Freedom Makeup London Pro Glow powders caught my eye because they immediately reminded me of the Too Faced Leopard Blushing Bronzers.  I don’t have the Too Faced version to do a direct comparison but if you are familiar with the Leopard Blushing Bronzers you will understand why I suspect these Pro Glows from Freedom are intended to be a dupe.

I purchased Meow and Roar from the Pro Glow range which includes four different blush/bronzer colours.  I am not normally about animal prints but for some reason the leopard print in combination with the cute, cat-themed names appealed to me.

Freedom Makeup London: Pro Glows - Meow and Roar

Freedom Makeup London: Pro Glows – Meow and Roar

These powders are really soft and silky to the touch.  I have been using these for the last week and I have found that when you swatch them with your finger is messes up the print but when you tap your brush into them the print actually holds which is nice.  These will kick up a lot of powder if you make the mistake of swirling your brush into them (they are soft!) – but you really don’t need to do that as a gentle tap will put plenty of product onto your brush.

Pro Glows swatches - Meow  (bottom) and Roar (top)

Pro Glows swatches – Meow (bottom) and Roar (top)

As you can see in the picture of my arm above, I have pale skin, but I think that both of these colours work for me.  I use Roar to warm up my face and it gives a nice, bronzy glow.  I have also used it to do a very soft contour of my cheek bones and it even worked well for that (says she who isn’t very good at contouring!).  Meow is more of a dusty-rose bronze and I use this with a light hand as a blush.  Again, I think it is beautiful.

You can see from the swatches that these do have a soft shimmer to them which gives the glow suggested by their name.  In my experience this adds radiance to the face not glitter.  I do like the effect these give.  The only other point I would make about these Pro Glows is that they take a bit of work to blend out.  I think it is worth the work though to get that lovely glow.

If you want to check these out for yourself you can find them here at Freedom Makeup London.  These retail for GBP2.50 which is really reasonable for a pretty, cruelty-free bronzer/blush and they ship world-wide which is a bonus.

I hope you have a fantastic day!

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